When Wireless drops connection, there are several reason for that to happen; Sometimes it has to do with an incompatible encryption method from or in the router but all comes down to what we know as driver...

Wireless Security

Wireless Security

If you are experiencing wireless drop connection, there are two possibilities. The first one is that your encryption method is not properly allocated, that is if you are using an encryption at all. For example if you are using WEP, on the router; then you should be using the same on the computer.


To change your encryption method on the computer:

1. Right click the wireless icon on your system tray.
2. Click on open Network and Sharing Center
3. Click on Manage Wireless Networks
4. Select your current Wireless Access Point, right Click on it.
5. Select Properties
6. Click on Security tab See the image on the left.

This picture ilustrates how the encryption is set and should match to what is in the router or your access point.

From my experience, this first method does not always work; however it is good for you to know how to change the settings in case you have to do some troubleshooing.


Power Management

We personnaly prefer the following as the best solution:

Wireless Power Management

The Second method has been the most efficient solution. With frequency wi-fi wireless drops connection because the wireless driver is buggy. This is due to poor memory allocation of data, the memory gets filled with data and the driver resets the connection.

Also the other possibility is that the power management on the wireless card is enabled and perhaps the wireless card is being powered off by the Power management module.


Step one, you will have to download the latest driver and replace the existing one. Go to the source, visit the manufacturer's website and download the required driver.

Remove the current driver and install the new one.

After installing the latest driver, Get into the device manager Find the wireless network card and select it.

Right Click on the Wireless card and click properties,

Click on Power Management tab and remove the checkbox that says Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.

Click Ok and you are done.

Note: If the wireless is not listed in the device manager, that means you have a bad wireless card. None of the steps mentioned here will fix it. Call Laptop Laboratory, we can help you replace the wireless card.